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a place called home:
Ukrainian peace project

SAVE SOMEBUDDY is currently creating A Place Called Home: Ukrainian Peace Project, an international initiative to help Ukrainian refugees and their families. The biggest gap in relief provided for the Ukrainian people is how to overcome trauma. And SAVE SOMEBUDDY is uniquely positioned to meet this need. SAVE SOMEBUDDY is the calm in the storm.


The possibility of the project: 

PEACE - Housing: A soft place to land

PROSPERITY - Occupational opportunities: A way to live

PURPOSE - Mental health support: Strength in community


The community project: 

Creating a sustainable model in the state of Utah that can be replicated throughout the world to support Ukrainian refugees in their host countries and assist Ukraine in rebuilding their country after the war. 


The plan to bring the project into reality:

Simultaneously providing Ukrainian refugees with housing, occupational opportunities, and mental health support in the United States and other host countries so the refugees have resources on a community level through a sustainable ecosystem driven by volunteers.


The specific measurable results of our community being impacted:

Raise $100 million in funds and in-kind donations.

Show improvement in six key areas: 


  1. Communication

  2. Self-awareness

  3. Coping skills

  4. Positive self-perception

  5. Forming a trusting relationship with a peer

  6. Experiencing a safe and supportive trauma-informed environment

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